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Autovacuum slides from PgCon 2018 Ottawa

Slides from our talks at PgCon 2018.
This week was busy for me and my colleague Ilya Kosmodemiansky as we made our way to Ottawa, Canada to attend one of the focal events in Postgres - PGCon. This PostgreSQL conference for users and developers runs annually and gathers PostgreSQL enthusiasts from across the globe. Aside fascinating and inspiring talks it’s a fantastic networking opportunity.

This year’s conference started on 29th May with tutorials, one of which was Ilya’s tutorial Linux IO internals for database administrators which was really well attended. The main conference started on 31st May and on the 1st June I gave my talk about autovacuum.

The aim of my talk was to address some of the key vacuum misconceptions and to make the audience realise that autovacuum is actually an essential tool for making database faster, more efficient and problem free and that disabling it would actually cause more damage than good. Below are my slides and some photos from the conference.

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