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3 reasons to use PgBouncer.

3 reasons to use PgBouncer.For those who do not know, PgBouncer a lightweight connections pooler for PostgreSQL. And below there are 3 reasons why it is be used.
It reduces PostgreSQL resource consumption (memory, backends, fork).It supports online restart/upgrade without dropping client connections.It allows allows PostgreSQL restart/upgrade without dropping client connections.

PgbConsole - admin console for PgBouncers.

pgbConsole - top-like PgBouncer admin console.If you work with PostgreSQL you have probably heard about PgBouncer - a lightweight connection pooler for PostgreSQL. PgBouncer is often used in situations of a large number of connections to the database. And its use is usually justified. Using PgBouncer can reduce the use of resources by reducing the number of direct connections to the database.