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Introduction to pg_stat_activity.

PostgreSQL RDBMS has a very informative built-in tools to track the state of the database. One such tool is pg_stat_activity. This is a system view that allows to monitor the databases processes in real time. This view is comparable to the system command top, it is one of the first places from which database administrator can start an investigation if some problem occurs. In this post I explain some useful examples how this view can be used to detect abnormal activity. To start, we need just some postgresql client, psql for example.

PostgreSQL Performance Observability

PostgreSQL Performance Observability or Where PostgreSQL spends his time.

Deep dive into PostgreSQL statistics.

Slides from Highload++ 2015 (Moscow, Russia). PostgreSQL is a huge system which consists of many subsystems, whose work determines the performance of PostgreSQL. During lifetime, postgres ensures the  statistics tracking of the components, which allows to evaluate the effectiveness of PostgreSQL and to take action to improve performance. However, most of this information is presented in a rather simplified way. Processing this information and its interpretation is often quite trivial task, and the numerous tools and utilities easily confound even the advanced DBA.

The report will discuss the statistics collector and  which information is available to assess the effectiveness of PostgreSQL, how to get it without resorting the numerous tools. How to interpret and use the information, how to find bottlenecks, eliminate them and improve the performance of PostgreSQL.

Deep dive into PostgreSQL statistics. from Алексей Лесовский
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