PostgreSQL Streaming Replication Cheatsheet.

Print it out!

In February 2016, I will be talking about Streaming Replication at PgConf 2016 Russia.
Meanwhile, my work in progress and I want present a small cheatsheet about streaming replication. If you have some difficulties with this topic, you can print out the cheatsheet and place it on the wall.
postgresql streaming replication cheatsheet

PDF version available here.


  1. IMO, hot_standby_feedback=on is ok when standbys working as load balancing databases. But remember your tables got bloated once standby disconnects by any reason. Vacuuming will be deferred till standby comes back. If you use SR for HA I'd not enable it by default as too much risk of bloating heavily updated tables.

    1. > Vacuuming will be deferred till standby comes back.
      I don't agree with you. Where you find this info? If standby goes down, autovacuum will work as usual.
      Check out my post about how hot_standby_feedback works.

      The bloat risk exists only if you run long analytics queries on replicas.


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