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pgCenter - stress free Postgres stats.

pgCenter has seen a new release with several significant changes. If you used pgCenter before, you might have noticed that I stopped issuing updates for a while. This is because I was working on this new release with several new features and overall improvements that will make the use of the tool easier and will allow additional functionality to make your life easier when working with Postgres stats.

This new version has been completely rewritten using Golang.

Why Go? To me, Golang is much simpler than pure C, but, at the same time, it is an amazing and powerful language. I had a few requests that I was aiming to address in this release and frankly, it was much easier to implement these using Golang.

With this release pgCenter became quite comprehensive toolbox for working with Postgres stats.

In this 0.5.0 version I’ve added two new key tools - for recording stats into history files and building reports based on those files. People who are familiar with pgCenter, often asked me abou…