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Freshly baked PostgreSQL 12 and changes it brought to pgCenter

PostgreSQL 12 release is expected today and just by looking at the prerelease notes this release is impressive - features added in the previous versions, became more “tasty”.

As pgCenter developer I am mainly interested in features related to monitoring and activity statistics. Postgres 11 didn’t have prominent monitoring features, but the upcoming release has several of these. In this post I will review these novations and show how they were implemented in pgCenter.

As you can remember, in Postgres 10 a new progress tracking view was introduced - pg_stat_progress_vacuum - which helps track vacuum activity and get a clearer understanding of what (auto)vacuum workers do.

This feature is growing in the new release and in Postgres 12 we will get two new progress views:
pg_stat_progress_create_indexpg_stat_progress_cluster As you can see, from their names, the first view allows tracking progress of indexes creation (and reindexes too). The second view, allows tracking the progress of CLUS…